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Job Hunting Guide

What You Need To Prepare For A Successful Online Job Search


Many job seekers are turning to the Internet to perform their job search activities and it is easy to see why. Searching for jobs online is time-efficient as opposed to looking for jobs in the newspaper ads or by foot. You can conveniently look for jobs while in the comfort of your home or anywhere using your smartphone. You can also expect to find plenty of results in just a short span of time by effectively using keywords produce more accurate job matches for you. You can begin by finding a reputable online job site that caters to your country or location by typing in keywords such as "Ghana recruitment portal" or "Joblistghana homepage". Once you have found a good online recruitment site, make sure to prepare the following things so that you can have a better and successful online job search experience. Check out for more info.


Review or update your resume


Before hitting the "apply" button, make sure that your resume is updated. Aside from having the most up-to-date information, you should make sure that your resume is free from typographical and grammatical errors. Since you will be applying online, your resume creates an initial impression to the employer. Make sure that all your important skills, work experience, training and certifications are all listed.


Your Email address


There are many ways a hiring manager will try to get into contact with you. While some may call you directly, some will contact you through the email address you provided. It is best to use an email address that sounds professional such as your last name and first name or vice versa. It is also advisable to create a separate email address specifically for job applications or work-related communication so that any important correspondence will not get lost in your personal emails.


A Voicemail or Answering Machine


If you are still employed, chances are you might miss a call coming from an interested employer. It is therefore recommended to activate or set up your voicemail so that they can leave a message for you. Remember that the impression you put across is very important so make sure to update your voicemail or answering machine message, relaying in a polite as well as warm and welcoming tone of voice.


Implementing these important steps before applying for any job online can increase your chances of landing a job. Applying these can really make a difference in your job application process and journey. Click here to get started.